The Calm & Confident Team


Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer & Mobility Specialist, Certified 200hr Yoga Teacher

Unwavering Supporter, Guide, Tough-Love Coach and Cheerleader


CEO, Canine Companion, Entertainer, Motivator and Loyal Inspiration

“I enjoy long walks, playing fetch in the field and barking at the orange cat who lives across the street and taunts me.”


Executive Assistant to the CFO, Canine Companion, Snuggle-Bug, Chocolate-Eater, Fence-Digger and Laugh-Giver

“I enjoy taunting Sadie, even though she ignores me. I love chasing things, car rides, snuggles and eating whatever I can get my paws on including shoes, chocolate and dog crates.”

In spirit…

Jo and Jack's tongue


Unknown – 2018

CFO, Canine Companion, Nap-Taker, Close-Sitter and Joy-Giver

“I enjoy sleeping, sitting on people’s feet or hands, lying on laps and rolling in the grass – especially if I’ve just been brushed.”

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