Calm & Confident

Lose weight. Love your body. Find your confidence again.

No more diets.

Trying to get healthy through deprivation doesn’t make sense. Shaming and guilting ourselves into compliance doesn’t last. 

What if we told you that your body has a unique wisdom that allows you to determine your best way forward? 

What if it was about more than just dieting and working out hard? 

And, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the process? 

We believe you have the answers. You just need some guidance, structure and accountability along the way. 



Fitness and Wellness.
Made Simple.

Let’s face it…you know what to do! You are an intelligent, hard-working woman. You are also inundated with the latest diet, workout and wellness trends. You know that eating more greens, exercising regularly, reducing stress and sleeping well are vital for a vibrant life.

But…it’s just not that simple, right?

With the relentless demands of work and life responsibilities, figuring out how to prioritize your health or where to even start can be overwhelming. We often find ourselves stuck in a rut and we’re not sure how to get out.

That’s where Coaching and the Calm & Confident Sisterhood come in – to provide the right structure, support and accountability so you can finally feel confident and elevate into the best and healthiest version of yourself!

We help you take what might seem like an insurmountable goal, break it down into an actionable plan, and follow-through like you never have before.

Are you ready to have boundless reserves of energy so you can make the impact you desire on your family? Your community? The world? 

Are you ready to take radical responsibility, and learn how to deal with stress and anxiety?

Are you ready to quit fighting with food and shaming your body?

Are you ready to move your body in ways that feel good and support your goals?

 Are you ready to have a roadmap to consistently move you forward? 

Calm & Confident gives you the roadmap and your support team on the ground the whole way. 

"I was empowered to successfully achieve my goals by examining what was really holding me back."

Joanna changed my life. She helped open up the possibility of taking back my personal power. She taught me how to give myself the care that I really needed and deserved.

A successful woman is a supported woman.

Making changes isn’t easy, but it can be simple. We’re here to remind you that it’s worth it and you are totally capable every step of the way!

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